Renowned for its expertise in research and development, Deltaplam offers poliolefinic films, multi-layer coextrudeds and laminated films (including metalized coating) in different structures. In addition to technical rolls, develops bags in different sizes and solders, pouches and stand-up packages with and without slide fasteners.

Deltaplam also manufactures special packages for products that require barriers against gases, light, grease or following other specifications, such as:

- Low oxygen permeability;
- Barrier against UV rays;
- Products packaged under modified atmospheres;
- High resistance to physical hazards like rupture, puncture and rip;
- Excellent barrier to water vapor;
- Low levels of solvent residues;

Food Grade packages, approved by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Health and in accordance with the FDA regulations (USA).
Company certified by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and Health, in compliance with FDA regulations (USA).


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