The Company

Established in 1994, the Deltaplam Embalagens Indústria e Comércio Ltda., is headquarter in Londrina –PR and has a business office in São Bernardo do Campo – SP.

All the manufacturing buildings were especially designed to accomplish food industry specification. Its facilities have positive pressure and central air conditioning system.

Since its foundation, it has been an agile and innovative company, changing concepts and always investing in new technologies.

The production environment complies with hygiene and cleaning standards for every process, herewith producing packings that not only present a good visual appeal, but also the necessary protection to the wrapped product, in different structures providing the best shelf life to your product.


Equipped with last generation equipments and qualified engineers for research, it disposes of:

  •  Traction measurement and resistance to the perforation and breaking device
  •  Electronic microscope for structures analysis,
  •  Thickness and gramature analysis,
  •  Permeability meter by gases,
  •  Friction test coefficient (COF),
  •  Delaminating resistance test,
  •  Solder resistance test,
  •  Shrink analysis test.






Our Fleet

Quickly deliveries just in time. Specialized delivery vehicles in to food industries.

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