A lot of people talk about ENVIRONMENTAL PRESERVATION.
is much more important!
Deltaplam made:Ecofrindly

It is a thermal shrink package with barrier, recyclable packs that protect your product, our health and our planet. The Ecofriendly® packages are made in a new and exclusive plant, built under sustainable guidelines, such as: rainwater

Ecofriendly® with Barriers has excellent properties:
  • High levels of shrink rate with low temperatures;
  • External unsealed layer;
  • Bags 25 to 33% thinner;
  • Prints with up to 6 colors (front and back);
  • Excellent barriers (which can be defined according to yours specification) and guarantee against gases;
  • Excellent barriers against puncture and scratches, providing protection for bone meats or other kinds of products that require resistance against rupture.

ecofriendlyThe packed product will have an excellent brightness, transparency, appearance; a longer shelf life, ensured quality, decreasing costs with secondary packages, power consumption and most importantly: your product will be in contact with a package free of PVDC and IRRADIATION in the whole process of production (problem found in other technologies)
allowing it to be recycled, once it doesn´t emits DIOXIN to the environment.
This is the newest technology existing in the world for packing MEAT, BONE MEATS, SAUSAGES, CHEESE...and it is available for you!
With all of this in your favor, the RESULTis: a perfect package to your product with a more attractive look, enhanced
quality and more sustainable and cleaner environment.


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